Health Inventory Questionnaire

    There’s a lot of fear circulating around our latest “global pandemic,” couched with tons of hearsay, conjecture, and downright misinformation. If you’re an energy sensitive or empath like I am, it can be an exhausting proposition to shield yourself from these fear energies, especially if you work and live among people who come from fear and anxiety.

    While I am a huge proponent of fully feeling all your emotions, it becomes unproductive to be lost in the fear and downward spiral into hopelessness. (Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our political and media outlets most want. Because if we feel afraid and powerless, we’ll look to them for answers. The tough truth is, fear keeps us watching, voting, and spending money. And oftentimes we don’t even realize it).

    It’s helpful to recognize that COVID-19 is NOT our first blush with pandemic pandemonium. We seem to have one every few years – H1N1, SARS, Zika, Ebola, West Nile, you name it. And largely, the actual fallout from these viruses is significantly less than our media outlets would have us believe. What these fear energies DO provide us, if we choose to take the opportunity, is take a health inventory, and ask ourselves, “How can I be taking better care of myself?” 

    That’s why, what I have choose to do in the face of “widespread illness,” whether it’s a tough cold and flu season, a round of the stomach bug, or facing something global such as our latest situation, is focus all of my energy and awareness on CREATING OPTIMAL HEALTH. Below is the list of questions I ask myself periodically to get you started. Not only can you put it into practice now, to strengthen your body and feel invincible (or at least, less “vincible”), you can use this every year, every season, every month if you like, as a way to deepen your self-care.

    If you go through this list and find you’d like more information, or help creating or improving upon a practice of self-care, I’m offering a 60-minute Health Inventory Coaching Call special for $77

    During your call, we’ll walk through each Tenet of Health on this list, and talk about how you can improve upon the areas where you feel you could grow. In this and all potential health crises, the answers are within. If you’d like help finding them, I’m happy to assist you. 

    So fill out this questionnaire for yourself. It’s a great way to reclaim your sovereignty and take back your power when it comes to making decisions for your health and wellness. Energy flows where attention goes. So if your attention is on improving your body’s strength and vitality, that’s what will flow. And it sure beats the alternative! 

    Basic Tenants of Health

  1. How much sleep do I get?
  2. How many times per week do I move my body joyfully?
  3. What is are my eating habits like? Are most of my foods whole, natural, organic, and fresh? Do I consume a lot of sugar and/or salt? Do I skip meals or engage in extreme calorie restriction?
  4. What do I do to relieve stress?

  5. What do I do to boost my immune system? 

  6. What is my personal hygiene like? Do I wash my hands often and thoroughly? Do I shower or bathe daily? Do I stay home when I’m feeling under the weather?
  7. How much water do I drink daily, including decaffeinated herbal teas and fresh juices? 

  8. Do I engage in any unsupportive habits, like excess alcohol consumption, smoking, vaping, etc.?
  9. How healthy is my home? Is it clean and free of clutter? Do I spray and wipe down surfaces, especially kitchen and bathrooms? Do I let fresh air and sunshine, weather permitting?
  10. So, how did you do? Are there areas where growth is a possibility? I’m here to help you create the lifestyle that supports your best life! If you’d like help setting health benchmarks for yourself, and creating a workable plan for how to build upon any of these important health-supporting areas, give me a call or shoot me a text at 843.991.3444. Or, simply click here and book your Health Inventory Coaching Call today! Let’s get started! 

     Yours in Service,


*Neither Massage nor Reiki Therapy are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any existing condition. Both modalities are intended to be only one part of a health-enhancing lifestyle, and are not intended to take the place of traditional medical care. All Body Temple clients are encouraged to follow their own intuition when it comes to making decisions regarding their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

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