Are You Your Own bully? The answer may surprise you...

by Guest Author - Lisa Westerman

Let’s just pause for a moment to think about bullying….We hear about it all of the time now.  There are many types of bullying….verbal bullying, physical bullying, cyber bullying, and social bullying.

It’s prevalent in our schools and in our culture.  There are studies and research showing that bullying increases the risk of suicide.  There’s outcry and desperate attempts to find a way to put a stop to this horrific occurrence. It’s not only among teens.  It happens everywhere.   We are often left asking “Why?”

Most of us reading this, if asked, would probably deny the fact that we have ever “bullied” someone.  I invite you to pause and think about that for a moment.

Have you ever called yourself  “fat,” “ugly,” “stupid,” “loser” or wanted to change a physical feature such as a perceived big nose, unruly hair, imperfect skin, or compared yourself to others and felt you just didn’t measure up?....and so on.  You get my point, right?

Then I think it would be fair to say that we are all bullies at times….to our own selves.  Let that sink in.  You are a bully to yourself.  Certainly if you said those things to someone else it would be considered “bullying.”  So what gives you the right to bully the only body that your soul will ever inhabit?

I felt a shift occurring in me one day as I was reflecting on my life…the ups, the downs, but mostly the blessings.  I turned inward and felt this compelling urge to thank my body.   The urge was so strong that there was no denying it.  So, I turned to my journal.  I want to share with you part of what unfolded.  I will leave out some of my most personal revelations so that you can envision your own. 

My Dearest Body Temple,

I am checking in today for a number of reasons.  I realized I haven’t been honoring you the way that I should.  I want to give you a sincere apology from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for any ways that I have let you down.  For all of the times I have taken you for granted, for not nurturing you when you needed it, for comparing you to others, for wishing I could change something about you and for not utilizing you to the best of my ability.  I love you and I am grateful for every single aspect of you.  You love and support me daily and I vow to do the same for you.  You are such an incredible, intricate, beautiful masterpiece from God and I am honored and so very blessed to call you home.  Thank you for all that you do for me.  I have the utmost respect for every ounce of you.  As I think about all that we have experienced together over the years, my heart is bursting with joy and my eyes fill with happy tears.  It’s hard to explain, but I know you get it…all the experiences we have endured, overcame and celebrated.

 (Insert and elaborate on personal details here).

When I think about it all, my mind is blown! You have protected and sustained me.  You have kept me moving forward even during the toughest times.  You have enabled me to experience the world in ways that I never could have imagined.  Thank you for your endurance—and I mean that in the most profound way.  I am seeing you through the lens of gratitude more clearly than I ever have.  I vow to honor, love and respect you with every breath I take.  Let’s continue this journey of life together by staying present and honoring the beauty of every moment.  There’s nothing the three of us (Mind, Body and Spirit) can’t do together.  I am blessed beyond measure and excited to live our best lives!

With all my love….

Imagine if this were the way we talked to ourselves.  What kind of impact could we make?  How would our energy shift?  Not only to ourselves but to others?

 Go easy on yourself, my friend.                      “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”…..Gandhi


Lisa Westerman is a Registered Nurse/Certified Coach Practitioner/Mindfulness Facilitator, whose mission is to work with individuals to provide continuous improvement and personal growth in their lives. She truly has a passion to support others in their life journey of reaching their full potential and creating a purposeful, soulful way of living.

Her three decades of experience in the medical field in a multitude of clinical settings has brought invaluable insight into the mind, body, spirit connection. She has seen firsthand the benefits of a holistic approach to health and the effects the power of our minds have on our ability to heal.

Through creative workshops, meditation classes, lifestyle transition programs and individual sessions, her passion is to assist others in designing the life of their dreams. Providing tools and resources to help others discover what already lies within and see it manifest into a beautiful soulful journey is the greatest reward from her work.

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