"And I said to my body, softly, 'I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath and said, 'I've waited my whole life for this.'"      Nayyirah Waheed


Reiki is a modality of energy therapy that focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical. While Reiki has only been around since the late 1800s, energy therapy has been documented in ancient texts over thousands of years. Up until very recently, it’s been challenging to study the effects of Reiki on the body, so the medical community has been slow to embrace it. Nonetheless, more and more hospitals are offering Reiki to their patients, and a growing number of people swear by it for stress relief, brain fog/trouble with focus, and even as a kick-start to a meditation practice.

Quite simply, Reiki promotes deep relaxation. My experience with it, both as a recipient and as a practitioner, is that it puts the mind into the Theta state, or the level of brain wave activity associated with meditation. Because of this, Reiki and other energy therapy techniques can be very effective for establishing the mind/body connection, inducing states of relaxation that help mitigate stress, and activating the body’s self-healing process.

Menu of Services:

Energy Balancing Reiki 60 Minutes

Enjoy 60 minutes of this light-touch healing modality that induces states of deep relaxation. Let the power of Reiki therapy help you feel more calm, peaceful, focused, and confidently able to face life's challenges. This session is perfect if you want to improve your sleep, relieve daily stress, and enjoy more mental clarity.

Distance Reiki - 60 and 90 Minutes

Perfect for anyone who lives outside the Charleston area, or who can’t make it into the studio. Let the power of Distance Reiki help you feel more relaxed, more self-confident, and more clearly focused as you face the challenges of your daily life. Distance Reiki can guide your body and mind into a state of profound relaxation and connectedness associated with meditation. This session is perfect for insomnia, chronic stress, trouble with mental focus, and so much more!

Energy Balancing Reiki - 90 Minutes

This longer session is perfect if you take a bit more time to relax, or if you're going through a challenging transition, personal transformation or other external stressor. This deep relaxation session will help you relieve stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance your sleep. It also provides assistance with personal challenges or transitions like death, divorce, menopause, moves, career changes and more. 90 minutes allows for plenty of therapy time, as well as time to address your personal challenges and goals.

Reiki Records Consultation™ - 60 Minutes

The Akashic Records are an energetic recording of every thought, perception, belief and experience of your soul's journey since the time of its inception into physical form. This personal history is held sacred by assigned Spiritual Masters, Guides/Teachers, and Loved Ones whose sole purpose is to be ever present to the soul that carries these experiences, offering support from a position of unconditional love. A Reiki~Records™ Consultation allows a Reiki practitioner to access the level of consciousness where the Akashic Records reside, through focused intention and the vibrations of Reiki.  A Reiki Records™ session uplifts personal vibration, relaxes the physical body, and offers guidance based on specific questions.

Reiki Records Consultation™ - 90 Minutes

This longer Reiki Records™ Consultation is a combination session that includes a full Akashic Records reading, and also a healing experience through an accompanying Reiki treatment.

The 2-Hour Vacation – 120 minutes

This super-session is perfect if you are an over-stressed, over-booked client who has a tough time relaxing, or who needs a little extra TLC. This 2-hour mini-vacation is a blissful combination of gentle, nurturing massage, hand crafted aromatherapy, and deeply relaxing Reiki therapy to soothe body, mind, and soul. Massage helps the body let go of stored pain and tension, while Reiki induces a deep state of mental relaxation, helping you let go of stress and worry. You'll leave feeling super blissed-out and totally rejuvenated from head to toe!

*The Body Temple Deep Integrated Bodywork was designed to be a complementary therapy to traditional approaches to physical, mental, and emotional unrest. DIB is not meant to take the place of medical or psychological care and advice. Please consult your physician before you make any changes to medications, lifestyle, etc. You are always encouraged to follow your own intuition when making decisions about your health and wellbeing.

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