Physical Healing

If you are looking to alleviate body pain and tension from an injury or chronic pain pattern, then scheduling an Integrated Bodywork session is a great way to begin. We treat all pain patterns but specialize in the ones below. 

What our Clients Say

"I was suffering from severe TMJ pain and couldn't open my mouth very wide or get my jaws to meet together, which made it almost impossible to chew. I work in the dental profession and was referred to Allison by an oral surgeon. Even after my first session, I immediately started to feel better, and could get my teeth and jaws to touch again. After her recommended follow-up visits I was back to a normal bite with no pain. I highly recommend this service for anyone suffering from TMJ, and have referred patients from our office to her."

Goose Creek, SC

"I had been diagnosed with TMJ, arthritis in the jaw joint, severe grinding that was cracking my teeth and causing sensitivity, and migraines, and was told surgery was necessary. I saw Allison out of desperation and she turned out to be the biggest blessing! She has kept me out of surgery, resolved my migraines, fixed my grinding (which was so bad I couldn't sleep through the night without waking up in pain), and fixed my tooth sensitivity. This woman has changed my life. I am no longer on any pain meds or muscle relaxers. You can tell that Allison is a natural born healer and doing what she truly loves. She is worth every single dollar and will change the quality of your life. I am so truly happy I discovered Allison and her talents. I don't know where I would be without her."

April C.
Mt Pleasant, SC

"Allison is a miracle worker. I met her during one of the most difficult physical challenges I have ever had, and she nursed me back to health through prenatal massage. While suffering through a multitude of pregnancy conditions, I had an SI joint issue that left me in extreme pain, and barely able to walk. She healed my joint issue through massage, but also guided me through an extremely difficult pregnancy through her wisdom and generous spirit."


*The Body Temple Deep Integrated Bodywork was designed to be a complementary therapy to traditional approaches to physical, mental, and emotional unrest. DIB is not meant to take the place of medical or psychological care and advice. Please consult your physician before you make any changes to medications, lifestyle, etc. You are always encouraged to follow your own intuition when making decisions about your health and wellbeing.​

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